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Skykomish river fishing guides is a web site with links and information to fishing guides who fish the Skykomish river. The Skykomish river fishing reports and fishing guides will also be listed here. The Skykomish river is home to some of the best salmon and steelhead fishing in the world. In the North Puget Sound area there are several Rivers were fishing is very good for salmon and steelhead. Skykomish river fishing guides offer trips on popular northwest Rivers like the Skykomish River all year long. All fishing equipment including bait and tackle are provided. Many of our fishing trips or custom catered to fit your wants and needs.
Other popular Rivers in this region include the Skykomish river and Sauk river as well as the Skykomish river, Snohomish river, Stillaguamish river, and Snoqualmie River in the Seattle area. In addition the Olympic Peninsula has the Hoh, Bogachiel, Sol Duc and Clearwater Rivers.

Skykomish River-front property, 2 bed 1 bath, private well, RV water, electric and septic hookups, fruit trees, 111ft of water front, house built in 1913, both parcels total 39,640sf of fertile farmland just minutes from downtown Monroe. Very habitable rustic "burn for heat" survivalists dream, family vacation property, or private, quiet retreat for any organization, even a great rental. Not a property for just anyone, preview pictures or video tour before showing, no surprises, all is shown.

Skykomish River Columbia River Tributaries Cowlitz, Lewis, and Kalama

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Spring, Summer and Fall fishing on the mighty Colombia river tributaries.
The Cowlitz, Lewis and Kalama rivers have some of the best fishing in Washington state. Spring kings on the Lewis river in April and May is the best fishing you could ask for. These Hot kings tip the scales between 10-30lbs. Best table fare there is!
 The Cowlitz river provides the hottest summer steelhead action in the state. Big summer steelhead weight between 7-20+ lbs. and tail walk like tarpon! Fall salmon fishing on the Cowlitz and Lewis rivers for kings and silvers is some of the best in the country. Kings weight in from 12-50 lbs. Silvers come in the rivers by the thousands. Ranging from 6-20 lbs. A great fish to catch and put on the BBQ, smoke or have the neighbors over for dinner!

Reiter Ponds section of Skykomish River opens June 29
Action: Open the Reiter Ponds section of the Skykomish River to recreational fishing.
Effective date: 8 a.m. June 29, 2011.
Species affected: All game fish, including steelhead.
Location: Skykomish River from 1,000 feet downstream of Reiter Ponds outlet to 1,500 feet upstream of Reiter Ponds outlet.
Reason for action: The Reiter Ponds Hatchery is on target to collect enough summer steelhead broodstock to meet production needs.
Other information: A night closure and anti-snagging rule are in effect. Fishing from any floating device is prohibited.
Dolly Varden/Bull Trout - minimum size 20 inches may be retained as part of trout daily limit. All Other Trout - minimum size 14 inches, daily limit two.
Other game fish - statewide minimum size and daily limit. That information can be found on page 27 of the 2011-12 Fishing in Washington Sportfishing Rules Pamphlet.
Public access through the Reiter Ponds Hatchery grounds is allowed daily between 6 a.m. and dusk. However, on opening day fishing does not begin until 8 a.m. to ensure an orderly fishery. On Aug.1, this section of the Skykomish River reverts to rules listed in the sportfishing rules pamphlet.

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Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 
July 11, 2012
Skykomish River opens for
hatchery Chinook salmon
Action: Open retention of hatchery Chinook salmon on the Skykomish River.
Effective date: July 14 through Aug.15, 2012.
Species affected: Hatchery Chinook salmon.
Location: The Skykomish River from the mouth upstream to the mouth of the Wallace River.
Reason for action: Early returns to the Wallace River Hatchery indicate that the hatchery run size is stronger than forecasted and that broodstock collection goals can be met even with a Skykomish River fishery.
Other information:
Skykomish River, from the mouth to the Lewis Street Bridge in Monroe, daily limit 2 hatchery Chinook, minimum size 12 inches in length. Starting August 1, night closure and anti-snagging rules in effect.
Skykomish River, from the Lewis Street Bridge in Monroe to the Wallace River, daily limit 2 hatchery Chinook, minimum size 12 inches in length. Night closure and anti-snagging rules in effect.
Trout and other game fish are open as listed in 2012-13 Sport Fishing Rules Pamphlet.
Information contact: Jennifer Whitney, District 13 Fish Biologist, (425) 775-1311.

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Steelhead is a very popular fish. The steelhead is actually a rainbow trout and is one of the hardest fighting fish you may ever had the chance to catch. Your steelhead may break the water surface several times during the fight. Steelhead can actually be found in our popular Rivers all year long. Their location and feeding habits change from season to season and selecting a popular Skykomish river fishing guide is important if you want to learn how to catch steelhead. January is the best time to get in on the peak run of hatchery steelhead on the Skykomish River system and other Puget Sound area Rivers. The wild steelhead run also starts in this time of year.
In Federal worry there is lots of trophy steelhead fishing and it is not unusual to catch steelhead weighing close to 30 pounds.
Steelhead fishing in march and April is very good. The Skykomish River offers all sizes of steelhead and lots of nonstop action.
During the early summer months of June and July the summer steelhead runs begin. Many of these hatchery steelhead are not only great fun to catch, they are also very good to eat.
Later in the year in November, we still catch lots is steelhead as well as fall Chinook salmon.

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